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Flyover States


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Flyover States is Nick Flessa's first solo LP. Departing from his more experimental and instrumental releases, Flyover States develops a precise and playful variation on country-rock and lo-fi sounds, with a wry focus on songwriting that is equal parts performative and sincere. The result is a cinematic collage of seemingly plain-spoken, bare-bones, country-inflected set pieces that are elevated by lush, expressive arrangements that include pedal steel by J.D. Carrera and Piano by Richard Valitutto (Wild Up, LA Philharmonic), as well as the bubblegum operatics of backing vocalist Lucy LaForge. Michael Abitz, Susanna Battin, Seth Blake and Adam Snider (Berkeley Guitar), all former members of Wash (LA), sporadically serve as the backing band. Produced by Neil Wogensen (Valley Queen).
Jane, Glendale, Warning, Let Her Go, Wish, Michigan, Henry Green, The Highwayman, There is Mercy, Marley